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Prizefighters Boxing is a Punch Out!-esque game where players try to become the #1 world champion boxer. To make it to glory, there is only one way: crush your opponents.

System controls in Prizefighters Boxing are somewhat complex, but thankfully intuitive. Tapping any of the four sections of your screens, you'll dish out one of four punches (two at the bottom, and two at the top). Plus if you long press for a full second, you'll launch a heavier jab. If you tap with two fingers you'll duck to dodge hits, and if you swipe from one to side to the other, your feet shuffle from side to side. Like we said, there's a lot of controls, but they're not too hard to pick up on.

From your main menu, you'll customize your boxer to the nines. Pick out their skin color, hairstyle, facial hair, glove color, shorts, etc. Plus, as you win combat you'll also get to train to improve your attributes. The stronger you are, the more likely you'll be to become a true champ.

Prizefighters Boxing is a fun game that pays tribute to Punch Out! while also giving players a fun and full-featured gaming experience. All in all, an awesome game with very endearing retro graphics.
Prizefighters Boxing is a fun boxing game for Android

There is a lot of variety in the list of boxing games available on Android, but few of them measure up to the gem that is Prizefighters Boxing. The game clearly takes inspiration from the iconic NES game Punch-Out!!, and it delivers a condensed arcade version of the sport that is much more complete than its pixelated graphics might indicate.
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Android 4.1 or higher required

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